Anna Behrens


Anna Behrens  1950-2012, was my wife for 31 years.  This page is an archive of her work in ministry.  I also have several personal files that may be of interest to friends and ministry partners.

Anna’s last song, written for our prayer group: War Song sheet music  me singing it        

The music Anna wrote recorded by Shekinah: 

A Portion of Your Spirit, the first tape, 1989

My soul proclaims PDF

Walk in power PDF

Shekinah and Friends J-Card

Give me more of Jesus PDF

Holy holy PDF

Lose your life PDF

We wait in hope PDF

You alone PDF

Walking in Glory, 3rd CD, 2002

Find Rest My Soul PDF

You Are the King PDF

Tape details, a pdf file listing the songs on all three Shekinah tapes

Bobby the Bible Bear is on Ken's page Anna is co-author, producer, etc.

Anna’s unpublished music, as much as I have.  Two volumes, before our wedding, and after.

Here are the ones we will be recording for the stream.  The demos will be replaced by professional recordings as we get them.

First love Demo

I'll Trust in You Demo

Write on My Heart Demo

Your Peace Is upon Us Demo

The entire 3 year run of Believer’s Bulletin, the newsletter for Hamburg,as much as Anna left behind as elcetronic files (the first year is not complete newletters).  Except for the first issue, these are Word files (.doc) and I have not printed them to pdf, since how they show will depend on your internal computer settings.  23 MB

Teruah is scanned into 6 pdf files about 20-30MB each: vol. 1 vol. 2 vol. 3 vol. 4 vol. 5 vol. 6  This is the newletter that document and help create and sustain the revival in Rome, NY, in the later 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Here is the file of press clippings.

And her book Miracles in My Life

Anna’s personal testimony, revival letter with her history of Teruah Newsletter, and her thoughts on how to achieve unity in the Body of Christ and revival, and our Tabernacles book, and the tribute to Mishak that she wrote for the Hamburg Item in 2004.

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