The Lord ahs been giving a lot of new songs to me and Sheryl Rohm

Sheryl Rohm's songs

Back in 2012, the Lord gave a lot of new songs to me and Sheryl Rohm. Sheryl was a member of the prayer group which I attended.  This page is demos of the songs.  Many of these songs were intended to be used in a puppet ministry with Pastor Alsome and his sister Menorah.  "Jonah Said No" was written for a vacation Bible school we helped with.

For the most part, Sheryl wrote the words, and I wrote the music, although we did switch over and sometimes contributed parts of each.  The song “I Am Loved”, for example, was totally hers, and I just wrote it down as she sang it to  me, and I wrote a couple of the verses of “Joyful Lord”.

Although we hold copyrights in the songs, feel free to use them for any ministry work, including praise and worship, evangelization, private prayer, education, or whatever helps build the Kingdom of God.  Do not publish them without asking for permission, either by traditional means, or on the internet.  Feel free to direct others to this page for authentic, up-to-date copies and demos. Clicking on the first link, will produce a pdf file of the lead sheet.  The second link in the line is an mp3 file.


All files ©2012 Sheryl Rohm and Ken Behrens.  All rights reserved.

Prayer Meeting Praise Songs:

Boing Boing Boing demo

Follow God            demo

It's All About You     demo

Joyful Lord             demo

Lift Him on High       demo

Living Blest            demo

Prayer Meeting Worship Songs

I'm Free                demo

Jesus Set Us Free      demo

My Heart Is Yours     demo

O Savior Jesus         demo

Thinking of You       demo

Pastor Alsome and his sister, Menorah, are the puppets who perform in the play.  Here are their songs:

I Am Loved            demo

Lonely Kid             demo

Pastor Alsome         demo

Salvation Prayer       demo

What to Do             demo


God Gives Hope       demo

God's the Key          demo

Jonah Said No         demo

Listen People          demo

One Is Not Alone demo

The Key                demo

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